Digital Drawing with”A Search for Safe Passage” Illustrator Emma Dufort via Zoom

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Join children’s book illustrator Emma Dufort to explore the book “A Search for Safe Passage.” Emma will introduce the book, the important reason it was published, and what it was like working on it. Then, you’ll get to see her do some live digital illustrating, and she’ll answer all your questions, too! We’ll also randomly select a name from our participants to receive a free copy of Emma’s book.

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From the Safe Passage website:

“Long before humans ever thought about building roads for their own travel, animals had created ancient trails, often near sources of water. They followed these trails by instinct across the land to get many things they needed to thrive. Food, shelter, and mates were high on the animals’ list of needs.

Now, our roads crisscross those same ancient trails in every part of the world. But wild animals still try to use their old routes, because they still need to get a variety of foods and find healthy mates outside their own families. 

The more vehicles travel on roads, the harder it is for wildlife to cross successfully. As long as animals keep trying to cross, humans can also be injured or killed in the accidents or collisions that result.” 

If you are interested in donating to the construction of wildlife crossings, connecting landscapes and making roads safer for wildlife and drivers, you can find out more information about the Safe Passage Fund here.


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