Electronics Recycling with Electrocycle

Event Details

Electrocycle, Inc. will be in the parking lot of the Harrison Township Public Library to recycle your old computers, laptops, servers, printers and much more. All collected hard drives will be taken to a secure facility and shredded with an industrial hard drive shredder. A certificate of destruction will be provided. Help us be earth-conscious as you dispose of your electronics.

Call the library at 586-329-1261 for more information.

IMPORTANT: Details About What Items Can And Cannot Be Accepted

Accepted Electronic Items                           Accepted Household Items                         Non-Accepted Items

Cables                                                               Blenders (no glass)                                        CRT Monitors/TVs

Cable Boxes                                                     Bread Makers                                                  Smoke Detectors

Cash Registers                                                Cameras                                                           Freon Containing Items

Cellular Phones                                               Carpet Sweepers                                            Air Conditioners

Computers                                                       Coffee Makers (no glass)                             Dehumidifiers

Computer Peripherals                                   Clocks                                                               Gas Cylinders

All Computer Parts                                        Curling Irons/Flat Irons/Blow Dryer          Light Bulbs

Copiers                                                             Fans                                                                   Liquids

Cords                                                                 Food Sealing Equipment                               Household batteries

DVD Players                                                     Fryers (no oil)                                                  Medical Equipment

External Drives (All Types)                           Hair Trimmers                                                 E-Cigarettes

Fax Machines                                                  Heaters                                                             DVDs/CDs

Scanners                                                           Holiday Lights                                                 Cassettes

Keyboards                                                        Irons                                                                  Floppies

Mice                                                                  Land Line Phones                                           VCR Tapes

Laptops                                                             Lithium Batteries                                          Back up Tapes

LCD Monitors                                                  Massagers                                                      Open/Used Toner                                        MP3/Ipods/Ipads/Tablets/Etc. (With prior wipe/factory reset)

Network Equipment                                      Metal Tools

Office Phones                                                  Microwaves/Toaster Ovens

Cell Phones                                                      Mixers

PDA’s                                                                 Remotes

Printers                                                             Radios

Toner (New/Unopened)                              Stereo Equipment

Ink                                                                      Vacuum Cleaner (no bags)


Satellite Dishes



UPS Units

Power Supply


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