Events at Harrison Township Library

The library is located at the corner of L’Anse Creuse and Townhall roads, adjacent to the Harrison Township Offices.

38255 L’Anse Creuse St.
Harrison Township, MI 48045
Tel. 586-329-1261

Fitness is an important aspect of overall health. This class is a great alternative for those practitioners that have limited mobility. We will focus on healthy posture, breathing, and movement. There will be some standing movements, optional for those who are extremely limited in mobility. If you have fitness straps or small hand weights, these […]

Looking for summer inspiration in the kitchen? Chef Fran of Pamela’s Catering will be here to make delicious warm-weather dishes. She’ll whip up a recipe, and we’ll all get to taste it when she’s done. Your summer dinners can be healthy and fun. Join us for this cooking workshop. Registration is required. Please call 586-329-1261, […]

“Who was that masked man?” In the 1930s, audiences in the Motor City were hooked on the radio drama of the Lone Ranger, which was broadcast from the Maccabees Building in Detroit. Artist, radio historian, and collector Larry Zdeb will be joined by a member of the original cast to discuss the origins of the […]

In the 1800s and 1900s, actual pirates roamed the Great Lakes, stealing valuable cargo and poaching the natural resources of our Inland Seas. Lori Feret, a storyteller and historian, will come to the library to discuss some of the infamous freshwater pirates who plundered the lakes and evaded the law. Registration is required. Please fill […]

Don’t wait for “someday” to get your pictures in order. Cheri Warnock, the founder of Cherish Your Photos, will share professional tips on how to protect your photos, organize them, and make them accessible. Cheri’s passion for photos and love of organizing will help you make sure that you never lose your photos or stories. […]

Learn the warning signs of a variety of scams that occur in phone, email, and text messages. This seminar by the Consumer Protection Team of Michigan’s Attorney General will teach us how to make better decisions and protect ourselves from fraud. Registration is required. Please fill out the form below, call or stop in the […]