Library unveils new, state-of-the-art computers for public use

As part of its commitment to improve resources available to the public, the Harrison Township Public Library has unveiled all new, state-of-the-art computers for public use.

“This is exactly what the citizens of Harrison Township asked for when they voted to fund a public library” said Dan Hutchins, Harrison Township Public Library’s Director. “The computers we had for the public were older when we received them as donations years ago. These new machines we’ve installed for public use are lightning fast. They boast 24 inch screens and solid-state drives; they are a joy to use.”

In recent months Harrison Township Public Library expanded its open hours to 40 per week, introduced free downloadable ebooks and audiobooks, and launched a new slate of ongoing children’s and adult programs. “These new computers for the public are just the most recent thing on our agenda” Hutchins continued. “The Library has a very long list of new services and programs planned for 2016…we’re just getting started!”

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